If you are planning to stay in Singapore for a long time, you may want to consider some alternative accommodation options that can offer you more comfort, convenience, and value. Singapore hotels can be quite expensive, especially in the prime areas of the city. However, other types of accommodation can suit your needs and preferences as an American businessman on a long stay in Singapore.

Fully furnished apartments that come with amenities and services such as housekeeping, laundry, gym, pool, and security. They are ideal for those who want the privacy and space of an apartment, but also the convenience and comfort of a hotel. Serviced apartments can range from studios to penthouses, and they are usually located near the central business district or other popular areas. Some of the best-serviced apartments in Singapore are:

  • Ascott Orchard Singapore: This is a luxury serviced residence that offers spacious and stylish suites with kitchenettes, living rooms, and balconies. It is located in the heart of Orchard Road, the prime shopping and entertainment district of Singapore. You can enjoy the facilities such as the gym, pool, lounge, and library, as well as the services such as the 24-hour reception, concierge, and shuttle bus. You can also access the nearby Somerset MRT station and Paragon Shopping Mall. To learn more about Ascott Orchard Singapore, visit their website here.

  • Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore: This is a premium serviced apartment that offers elegant and modern apartments with kitchens, dining areas, and washers/dryers. It is located in the central business district, within walking distance of Raffles Place MRT station and Marina Bay Sands. You can enjoy the facilities such as the gym, pool, restaurant, and bar, as well as the services such as the 24-hour front desk, room service, and laundry. You can also join some activities such as yoga classes, cooking classes, or wine tasting. To learn more about Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore, visit their website here.

As an intended long-term stay visitor, renting a private property in Singapore is a chance to establish a home away from home. How you go depends on what experience you want, the amazing dream home in the tropics just for that once-in-a-lifetime work placement or a "work-live" base camp in the business district to be at the heart of all the excitement, or start to put some roots down with your first attempt to "go native" and "live like a local".

Renting from individual owners or via agents for a fixed period, you have the choice of building types; apartments within a serviced condominium, flats within a small block, Chinese Shophouses, or a landed property, usually a detached house in its grounds on a suburban street. Suitable for those who want more flexible autonomy when choosing their accommodation. Private rental homes may vary in size, style, location, and price, depending on your preferences and budget. You may find private rental homes at the local online platform PropertyGuru.

Some of the advantages of private rental homes are that you may:

  • Save money on hotel fees and taxes

  • Have more space and privacy

  • Experience living like a local

  • Customize your home according to your taste

Servcied Apartments

Stop Hotel Surfing

Private rented Homes, Apartments and Condominiums

There can be risks of downsides.

  • The rear dispute over deposits and property repair but there are courses for redress.

  • Paying for your own utilities, this not a big or unexpected problem.

  • Abiding by landlord rules, less than a hotel but not freedom of your own owned home.

  • Less security and protection but then this is Singapore there are no dangers, no bad districts.

Social Housing Schemes

Shunned by ex-pats, they represent better value, are better located, nearest to amenities to some Singapore social housing schemes are a marvel especially if you want to live like a local. You will notice that Singapore is one big social housing scheme, they are known and loved locally as the "Hearlands" developed to end colonial-era poor housing and as part of a post-independence nation-building initiative to give citizens access to capital. Occupants do not rent the homes they buy, based on government housing loans over 15 to 25 years much like a mortgage but without the austerity of the commercial banking sector.

In 2022 more than three quatres of Singapore House live in Housing Development Board (HDB) apartments, the most common being four-room flats (aka 3 bedrooms). When you consider the resell market value on these properties is not yet at half a million Singapore dollars you can see how multi-generational wealth and saving is developed for working families and greater bond to their nation.

When families face financial difficulties, marital splits or a mother or wife is widowed she might move in with her children and rent out her apartment. At SGD 3,000 a month rent this is a good income for the widow and three-quarters the rent you might pay for a smaller less desirable private property.